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An end-to-end platform with exceptional customer service.

The DebtX platform includes customizable syndication and loan sale process workflow tools, customer and counterparty relationship management, deal tracking, and secure document distribution.

Software Solutions

DXSyndicate for Loan Syndications

DXSyndicate provides lead arrangers and agents the ability to manage multibank loan transactions from customer pitch through distribution, closing, and agency administration, covering the entire deal life cycle.

DXOpen for Loan Auctions

DXOpen is a Loan Auction platform enabling loan brokers and financial institutions to conduct self-directed loan sales with multiple auction format options and automated bid optimization.

DXDocs for Secure Document Sharing

DXDocs integrates secure document sharing with customer relationship management (CRM) and customizable workflow automation functionality, enabling businesses and individuals to collaborate remotely.

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Using our software, banks and other financial institutions can:

  • Record and leverage institutional knowledge
  • Ensure process accuracy and compliance
  • Enhance collaboration with partner institutions
  • Analyze customers and counterparties to identify opportunities and increase profitability
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